Free IPTV from 2 servers about 22000 & 5999 channels

Are you looking for IPTV to watch your favorite movies, sport, programs, or anything you are looking for, let me tell you that I have found a great server for you, actually they’re two servers not one, and today we make a deal with to gave for our clients two links from two servers on price of one, please click in this link to buy directly from them, the link is not available on their website, so you need to buy via this link only,

how many channels do they provide and does it go well?

Yes we’ve tried they’re server and both are great, they’re better than thousands of servers I’ve seen, you’ll lose nothing if you paid 0.99 euro to try 2 servers for 24h to choose the best server, we’ve asked them why they don’t offer free test and they said that free links get the server very slow because of the huge number they offer, for this reason, it’s paid and only for serious costumes, are you?

here is channels list of two servers:

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