Top 5 IPTV providers in 2019

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Yes today we tried to collect the top 5 websites that offer the best IPTV and stablest servers in the world, these website is tried and confirmed by our team on

we have to offer only stable servers and websites and we have no relations to the providers or any other reason that let us write this article.

let get started


Why this server in the first place?

This IPTV is great because it offers free IPTV trial and paid IPTV trial at the same time

for Free trial it’s not recommended 100% because they have some delay to deliver, it may take up to 48 hours, but you’ll receive the trial, but they don’t support some countries in the free trial, that’s why they have paid trial that supports all countries and delivery time is fastest it takes about 0-2 hours in maximum delay, they’re yearly pricing is €69.99/Year


Tvgator is on second place because their server is stable and amazing, they have great support as well, we have tried only their trial and it’s working smoothly.

their pricing is great as well, what I liked about TVgator is their promotions, sometimes they offer 1 Month IPTV for free for their members as a gift for one of a lucky monthly subscriber.

for example, 10 people bought 1 year this month, they’ll make a random lottery and 1 will win.

their Yearly pricing on promo now is €59.99/Year


IPTV plus Shop, I wish I can give this website 1st place but unfortunately doesn’t offer a free trial but you can take a free trial and I like that way from the chat online, you can contact support for the trial, just make sure you’re from Europe, USA and Canada, if you’re not interested to buy you may not get free trial.

Their Yearly pricing is the same as the previous providers with promo is €59.99/Year


One of the best websites I have tried, Stable, premium, Good quality streaming, +27000 VOD, and +8000 channels, many countries supported, you can enable or disable channels you want and you don’t want, what else you need?

free trial not available too, but the pricing is good value and you can save money if you have tried only 1 day and bought, you’ll get refunded for the test.

Their Yearly pricing is €59.19/Year

Actually I liked the server and I’m 100% satisfied with the service and the server as well, Stable even on match time which 90% of the servers on the market get freeze at that time or get many cuts, this server is stable 24/7 and we tried to collect the best 5 websites and this is on the final list.

Premium Quality Guarantee as well, all you need is subscribe and enjoy

Their Yearly pricing is €59.50/Year

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