What CCCAM servers and how to get it for free

Servidores CCCAM gratis

What is a CCCAM Server?

First of all, let us explain what a CCCAM server is. A “CCCAM” is actually an internet protocol for data exchange such as NEWCAM. So, how do you take advantage of the CCCAM protocols in the CCCAM servers? 
We all know that in order to watch the encrypted and paid TV channels in a legitimate way we have to buy a subscriber card from a pay television company such as Bein, Sky, Canal +, etc. but honestly these fertilizers will cost us a lot. So what CCCAM server owners do is buy those subscriber cards from different transmission networks and share them with us, but how?

CCCAM servers with the Card Sharing method

There is what is called the Card Sharing method that, through a powerful Dreambox computer or a satellite receiver decoder, decrypts the codes of the subscriber cards and shares them with other receivers through the internet and precisely through the CCCAM protocols. . And therefore take advantage of them to see the payment channels. Keep in mind that, in most cases, this method is illegal since they are used without the authorization of the owners of the television networks.

How much does it cost to buy a CCCAM server?

The price of a CCCAM server depends on many details but mainly on the quality of the server, the channels you want to see and the period (3 months, 6 months, one year, etc.), since the original subscriptions of the channels Payment are different and some are more expensive than others. But more or less you can find CCCAM servers with only € 15-20 up to € 100-200 or more.

Free CCCAM 24-hour test servers

If you want to know more or less what is a CCCAM server without paying, then there are some web pages that allow us to test free CCCAM servers for 24 hours totally free. The pages are the following:

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